Not episode 4: Monday is the new Thursday

10 December 2020
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I managed a regular Thursday update schedule for my vlog for a grand total of 3 weeks before I finally realised it was unsustainable. I should have realised from the beginning that Thursday was never going to be a good idea as my workload generally tends to ramp up as the week approaches the weekend.

Filming and editing the vlog has so far been an activity that has occurred in the middle of the night or the early hours of the morning, depending on your perspective of time. In the interests of establishing a vaguely healthy sleep pattern I'm going to try publishing vlogs on Mondays instead. That way I get the whole weekend to cobble something together.

So expect episode 4 of the Lester Rouge Productions vlog at some point on Monday 12th Parmesan, or 14th December if you prefer the old-fashioned calendar.

Call the big cheese on 07979 876765 for a slice of the action!
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