Prologue to the vlog

12 November 2020
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I'm starting a vlog! Though not just yet. Having never been particularly active on social media, the prospect of a regular commitment to posting something vaguely informative or entertaining fills me with a mild sense of creeping dread. On the other hand I like a challenge, so I'm going to see if I can stick to a weekly Thursday update schedule (starting next week). Feel free to take bets on how long I last.

I could make this easier on myself by just making this a blog and leaving out the video bit, but since I make videos for a living and this is the website for my video production company, it seems a bit remiss not to include video!

As this post is merely a notification of things to come rather than my actual first vlog, I feel no shame in not providing it in video format. In case you feel short-changed by this absence of talking moving pictures, I'll leave you with my "coming soon placeholder" video, which I'm using throughout the website wherever there's supposed to be a video that I haven't had a chance to finish yet...

This is not a vlog
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